Luis Cañas Reserva 2016

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Fidel Fernández Gómez

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If one were to advise a foreign wine connoisseur on the most iconic modern Rioja wines, the recommendation would be the “reserva”. A wine that agglutinates the selection of grapes, barrels and times of ageing. The best wines of Rioja are centred on this type of wine. This is what Luis Canas Reserva Red Wine is.
Luis Cañas, rather a winery owned by the family, is a winery created by the family.
It has a nuance that differentiates the business tradition from the “philosophical” implication of the vision of a family. That is why it is one of the scarce Rioja wineries with a great selection of enviable quality wines characterized by little difference between the extremes in its catalogue.

Luis Cañas Reserva comes from old vineyards with an average age of 40 years of clayey and clayey-calcareous lands with the productivity of 4500 kg of clusters per hectare, located at an altitude between 400 and 700 meters and, therefore, with different dates of grape harvest. They are their own vineyards located in Villabuena, Samaniego, Leza, Navaridas, and Baños de Ebro.

Made with 95% Tempranillo, which when grown in these places and soils of limestone component, makes the wine transmit better the identity of the variety. 5% Graciano is added to the grapes, which gives the wine certain herbal nerve and balsamic notes. Once in the winery and having passed the best cluster selection, the grapes have their stems removed and are squeezed later to be placed in the steel tanks to make the alcoholic fermentation for the period of 22 days, which helps to obtain a better extraction of colour, as well as more complex wines and with tannins suitable for prolonged ageing. After the fermentation, the wine goes to 60% French and 40% American barrels where it performs the malolactic fermentation and an ageing of 18 months in the barrel.

Well covered. Smelling, it has a very pleasant, subtle and elegant, complex bouquet, memories of fine woods, ripe fruit, roasted coffee. Tasting, it is fatty, round, unctuous and well structured, with mature tannin with spicy nuances and notes of ripe black fruit.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour A deep cherry-red wine with a medium-high depth.
  • Aromas Aromas of black fruit and fruit compote, spices, baked goods and dairy products.
  • Palate A long retro nasal sensation, that lasts on the palate. Elegant and silky.
  • Food pairing This wine pairs well with white meats such as chicken and turkey, stews, vegetable dishes, rice, tapas and semi-cured cheeses.