Valtravieso VT Tinta Fina 2018

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Ricardo Velasco

Wine description

The term “Tinta Fina” (a fine red wine) that labels this Valtravieso, continues an old tradition among Castile and La Rioja harvesters to denominate the varieties with female names. This grape stock is none other than Tempranillo, acclimatized during many decades to day and night Ribera del Duero thermal contrasts. This acclimatization allows slower maturation, so that the clusters were harvested almost at the limit of the period, in the middle of October. However, this is only possible using century-old vineyards with an average age of 80 years, planted in shallow poorly fertile soils with a high active limestone content and especially stony, located 900 meters above sea level in La Revilla, Santa María, El Bispo and El Buey.

Valtravieso Tinta Fina was made with 100% this grape stock. The grape was selected by hand and in boxes of 15 kilograms; mature grapes with intense anthocyanins concentration and with excellent acidity. Before having the stems removed, the intact grape entered fermentation 10,000-litre tanks, where it macerated in cold for 8-10 days at 6-8°C, obtaining great aromatic and varietal extraction. Careful monitoring of 14-day alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts led to excellent colour and sweet tannins extraction. Later the wine was kept other 18 days in contact with the skins for perfect anthocyanins and tannins extraction. The malolactic was entirely made in new French Forêt de Bertrange oak barrels. Subsequently, from 8 to 10-month ageing was carried out in the same oak in order to prevail earthy, fruit and balsamic characteristics rather than wood ageing taste.

The red wine creates an elegant maroon cherry colour, it has a varietal herbal (balsamic) scent, with a wild herbs memory shades and fine smoky oak notes. In the mouth it has volume, it is potent and deep, tasty, complex, different.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Deep cherry red colour with an appealing brightness in the glass.
  • Aromas Impressive palette of fruits on the nose, with a deep aroma of fresh grapes in the foreground, accompanied by aromas of redcurrant, blackcurrant and blackberry. It later brings fruit compote and gentle cocoa and mentholated aromas, typical of the Bertrange cask, which is integrated to perfection within the aromatic ensemble.
  • Palate A good attack in the mouth which demonstrates its good structure, with some sweetness brought about by an excellent glycerine which rounds the tasting. Balanced tannins and acidity.
  • Food pairing Ideal with roasted game, such as venison or partridge, as well as red meats and dark chocolate.