Lar de Paula Merus 4 Alta Expresión 2013

Elegance is in Altitude

  • Year 2013
  • Appellation

    D.O. Ca. Rioja

  • Vine Age

    60 – 70 años

  • Barrel Age


  • Time in Bottle

    12 months minimum

  • Barrel Composition

    100% french oak

  • Suggested temperature for serving


  • Winemaker José Antonio Meruelo

VAT included


200 Iberia Wine Club

Awards & accolades

Wine description

Rather than looking for wine potency, in Lar de Paula Merus 4 complexity is sought, as the wine name evoques. It is a red wine that comes from vineyards over 20 years, located in Rioja Alavesa. Its soils are mainly limestone, capable of giving the wine fineness and varietal expression provided by these soils. The vineyards are located in Rioja Alavesa centre, in El Villar de Alava, with a unique geographical situation. The vineyards are cultivated at a 600-meter altitude, protected from northern cold and moist winds thanks to the Sierra Cantabria, also allowing a good sunshine, characteristic of these Rioja lands, however, at the same time, receiving some influence from the Ebro river microclimate.

After a meticulous Tempranillo selection, which is this 100% component in this red wine, the process of elaboration begins in oak tubs, where, after the alcoholic fermentation, the wine was allowed to macerate for 20 days. A process, unlike fermentation in steel, which allows a wine better aeration and, therefore, highlighting more quickly fruit, variety and soil values . It is later introduced into new French oak barrels where it performs malolactic fermentation, to be continued with a 14-month ageing process in these containers. During this period no filtration or clarification was practiced in this wine, which allows lees interaction with oak molecules, merging both features. It is moderately stirred every four months, so as not to lose ageing complexity. At the end of this period the wine goes through maturation during other 12 months in bottle.

The wine is complex and potent, with well integrated oak with ripe fruit, with slight mineral nuances and certain toasted touches, cocoa and coffee, and with high quality wood, perfectly assembled with ripe fruit.