6 Unit Box Lar de Paula Without Sulfits Limited Edition 2016

Elegance is in Altitude

  • Year 2016
  • Appellation

    D.O. Ca. Rioja

  • Grape variety


  • Vine Age
  • Barrel Age

    2-3 años

  • Time in Barrel

    2-3 meses

  • Time in Bottle

    8 months minimum

  • Barrel Composition

    French oak & american oak

  • Suggested temperature for serving


  • Winemaker Jose Antonio Meruelo
47,00 42,30


Iberia Wine Club

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Wine description

The Red Wine Lar de Paula Sin Sulfitos Limited Edition is made with Tempranillo grapes, has D.O. Rioja Its vineyards have calcareous clay soils, which makes this wine delicious.

After a manual harvest in boats of reduced capacity and a subsequent cold rest at 5º temperature for 18 years, from Lar de Paula we proceed to inspect cluster by cluster in their selection table and then take the best grains to deposits of about 5,000 kilos where the fermentation will take place.

No type of clarifying agent of animal origin has been used in its elaboration, nor has sulfur been used, so we can say that our wine is suitable for vegans and is free of sulphites.

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