Baigorri Belus 2015

Just gravity

  • Year 2015
  • Appellation

    D.O. Ca. Rioja

  • Grape variety

    Mazuelo, Tempranillo

  • Vine Age

    40 years old average

  • Barrel Age


  • Time in Barrel

    14 months

  • Time in Bottle

    Minimum 4 months

  • Barrel Composition

    French oak

  • Suggested temperature for serving


  • Winemaker Simón Arina
22,25 20,03


Iberia Wine Club

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61 Iberia Wine Club

Wine description

Baigorri Belus is another jewel of the house. All Baigorri B70 selection knowledge and capacity is applied to this wine changing its protagonist, the grape Mazuelo, which is accompanied with some Tempranillo. A red wine of Rioja Alavesa Appellation of Origin, which comes from old vineyards with an average age of 50 years, located Samaniego town, at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria. These vineyards are worked under the criteria of sustainable agriculture and harmony with nature, with 100% manual labour.

Made mainly with Mazuelo grape with a small Tempranillo proportion. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, using selection and vibration tables. Grapes had their stems removed and without squeezing were placed into special tanks with temperature control and long fermentations were carried out at moderate temperatures in order to maintain their fruity notes. This wine was aged in new French oak barrels for 14 months. The interesting feature of this wine is the presence of another unusual variety in Rioja Alavesa, in the same geographical frame. A wine is absolutely different from what Baigorri has accustomed us to.

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