6 Unit Box Val de Vid Rueda 2020

Top selling Premium Verdejo

  • Year 2020
  • Appellation

    D.O. Rueda

  • Grape variety

    Verdejo, Viura

  • Vine Age

    24 years old (Verdejo), 50 years old (Viura)

  • Winemaker José Antonio Merayo
41,50 37,35


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Wine description

Serrada and La Seca represent the roots of Rueda Appellation. If so, it is also the root of Verdejo grape. It is grown on Castile drylands, where their roots have to seek their nutrients in the soil depths. This is stated in Val de Vid old vineyards identity card. They are 20 their own hectares and 60 associated with an average age of 50 years.

Made with the classic mix of 80% Verdejo and 20% Viura, the harvest of which is macerated in cold before alcoholic fermentation. This process is carried out at a temperature that does not rise from 16° which helps to maintain and intensify particular varieties flavour. Subsequently, the wine was in contact with fine lees in order to strengthen its structure, providing more extensive and glyceric sensations on the palate.

It is a white wine well-assimilated knowledge of these two grapes production: Verdejo fruit character with a slight wild and its proper identity, and Viura lightness, freshness and acidity. It has a crystalline straw colour with a ripe white fruit aroma, slightly floral, with wild herbs memories and easy to drink.

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