Pazo Señorans Colección 2016

Best Spanish wine

  • Year 2016
  • Appellation

    D.O. Rías Baixas

  • Grape variety


  • Vine Age

    > 45 años

  • Time in Barrel

    Minimum 5 months

  • Time in Bottle

    30 meses aproximadamente

  • Winemaker Ana I. Quintela

VAT included


83 Iberia Wine Club

Wine description

Pazo de Señorans Colección is halfway point between young and Selección de Añada. It is a resistance challenge for Albariño to face a long ageing without losing its fruitiness and variety peculiarities. It comes from certain plots with a classic plantation in frame, with an age of more than 45 years and only a few kilometers from the winery in Salnés Valley. The Vineyards soils are granite and sandy, with 12-hectare area. The climate of this zone is maritime, adorned and moderated by small forests that trace soft hills, offering a reverie image.

Made with 100% Albariño grape, the grape was selected by hand in the very vineyard and there the grapes that did not meet the right conditions were discarded. It was transported in small plastic boxes to the wine cellar and then underwent clusters film maceration prior to its fermentation in order to obtain more aromas and a stronger character, followed by controlled alcoholic fermentation at 16 degrees. This wine was aged over its own lees for 4 months with approximately 30 months of bottle aging. The result is a complex, expressive wine, with well-marked acidity of freshness, yet, with volume, fatty, full and long, with ripe fruit memories.