6 Unit Box Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay 2019

Single vineyard with its own appellation

  • Year 2019
  • Appellation


  • Grape variety


  • Time in Barrel

    3 months

  • Winemaker Jean-Marc Sauboua & Gurutze Gaztelumendi

VAT included


250 Iberia Wine Club

Wine description

Pago de Cirsus is located in southern Navarra, in Ablitas municipality, with a Mediterranean continental climate, surrounded by a 136-hectare practically flat vineyard. It is an authentic chateau where the winery building also hosts a hotel and restaurant, very typical of Napa Valley style in California, ideal place for wine tourism. New generation facilities, in perfect harmony with advanced viticulture work. Scarce rains and Cierzo winds provide an impeccable vineyards sanitary condition and safe sunshine, with minimum differences in quality from one harvest to another.

Pago de Cirsus White Chardonnay comes from Bolandín land with 20-year vineyards. The entire property is 400 meters above sea level with an average production of 4,000 kg per hectare and 1.65 kg yield per wine stock. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, in 15 kg boxes, followed by a cold pre-fermentation maceration at 5°C. To acquire all the varietal values it is essential for a Chardonnay to use the lees wisely in order to achieve volume, a fatty touch and wine stock complexity. All this process is performed in stainless steel tanks. A straw-coloured wine with slight yellow shades, with an intense aroma, ripe fruit, wet straw memories, with a floral nuance and fresh acidity as a counterpoint to alcoholic graduation warm note.