6 Unit Box Eylo Rueda 2020

Una bodega joven

  • Year 2020
  • Appellation

    D.O. Rueda

  • Grape variety

    Verdejo, Viura

  • Vine Age

    25-30 años (Verdejo), 50 años (Viura)

  • Suggested temperature for serving


  • Winemaker José Antonio Merayo
40,99 36,91


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Wine description

Eylo Rueda White Wine from Rueda Appellation, comes from old vines in Serrada and Valladolid area.

Made with 80% Verdejo and 20% Viura, it was a model of Rueda white wines from the past, but with the use of modern technology. The harvest was scheduled according to each vineyard plots maturation time. The harvest and plots selection rapidity were achieved thanks to harvesting machines, which allowed to collect each day those vineyards harvest that reached its ideal parameters. The harvest was carried out at night in order to avoid grape juice oxidation. The grape juice skin maceration was carried out for 6-12 hours at a temperature of 6-8°C. Thanks to the aforementioned maceration, a greater varietal character extraction as well as an increase of sensations in the mouth were obtained. The fermentation took place at low temperatures, 14-16°C, which helped maintain grape fruitiness and its personality. After its fermentation the wines were kept in contact with fine lee in order to enhance wine structural characteristics providing fatty acids and more extensive and glyceric sensations in the mouth.

A classic Verdejo, fruity, with ripe white fruit memories, with volume and Verdejo variety bitter touch, with Viura fluidity and lightness. Nice straw colour with greenish shades. Aroma with herbs and floral memories, balanced with a tasty sensations on the palate and its good acidity. If you like Rueda Verdejo wines, this Verdejo will make you fall in love with it.

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