Amaren Barrel Fermented 2017

Old vines, modern wines

  • Year 2017
  • Appellation

    D.O. Ca. Rioja

  • Grape variety

    GracianoEN, Viura

  • Vine Age

    > 60 years

  • Barrel Age


  • Time in Barrel

    7,5 months

  • Barrel Composition

    100% french oak

  • Suggested temperature for serving




VAT included


80 Iberia Wine Club

Awards & accolades

Wine description

Amaren White Barrel Fermented is not a whim followed by the current fashion of white wines. It is the result of looking not only for fruit and freshness but also for complexity. If the chosen terrains are excellent for a red wine, so will they be for the white ones. That is why in Rioja Alavesa Juan Luis Cañas chose the grapes of the hillsides and of the lands with little water retention where the roots have to explore the minerals and microorganisms that enrich it deep in the subsoil. The consequence is a low yield, with smaller grapes and, therefore, with a skin full of complexity.

The composition of the wine is 85% Viura of low yield that brings freshness and fruitiness with 15% Malvasia that endows the wine with body and character. The vineyards are situated in the highest parts of the lands aged over 50 years. The fermentation in a barrel implies the activity of fine lees that provide silkiness, sweetness and volume. It is a wine capable of aging in the same way as a red wine, being at its best state between 1 and 3 years. 8 months in barrel do not take away even an ounce of freshness and fruitiness, adding the complexity of smoked, creaminess and it has a slight taste of fine patisserie.