Villa Conchi Extra Brut Imperial 2018

Refreshingly and elegant

  • Year 2018
  • Appellation

    D.O. Cava

  • Suggested temperature for serving


  • Time in Bottle

    Minimum 22 months

  • Grape variety

    Chardonnay, Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel.lo

  • Winemaker Joan Rabadá
15,95 14,36


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Wine description

Villa Conchi Extra Brut Imperial, contains a higher 40% Xarel Lo proportion  due to the necessity to perform a longer crianza. A variety that adds more volume and structure, decreasing 10% Parellada proportion.

It maintains 30% Macabeo, which provides fruitiness, and 10% Chardonnay, giving its elegance. Harvesting takes place between the end of August and the first days of September, when the grapes are not ripe yet, but offering the main Cava values: acidity and a lower alcohol grade. The harvest was done at night, to avoid high temperatures and premature fermentations. The clusters are transported in 25 kg boxes in small stainless steel trailers. When they reach the wine cellar they are cooled to 10° and then squeezed, fermenting each variety separately at a constant temperature of 16°C to preserve its primary aromas. When this process is finished, the three wines are merged and sugar and yeast are added, followed by bottling and bubble forming in the second fermentation. The bottles are stored in underground cellars at a constant temperature of 15°-17°C in contact with their lees during 20 months ageing.

This period will allow the wine interaction with yeasts, offering a taste of fine reduction with faded flower memories, slight almond touches and dry herbs, with a small and homogeneous bubble, a complex taste, structure, the wine is clean and fresh.

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