Zero Table between Pines

The richness of the land with a careful pairing of wines that dazzles the palates.


La Botica restaurant (Matapozuelos. Valladolid) awarded with 1 MICHELIN Star.

Chef: Miguel Ángel de la Cruz.


The exciting and sustainable world of edible botany is the main theme of the seductive and honored cuisine
of a chef who is passionate about the products of the forests near his restaurant. In this experience, the client
will attend directly and together with the kitchen, at the “zero table”, to the elaboration, plating and tasting
of the menu interacting with the staff and attending a master gourmet class on the traditional uses and
techniques of products very special.



Our Menu

A short stroll around

The pine forest, the vegetable gardens and the rivers near the restaurant
offer the possibility of preparing our own personal plan.


Mushroom breadsticks

Mushrooms impregnated with almond soup

The prune

Dried figs


Bacon crackle

Herbal tea of thyme and bay leaves


Chesnuts and mushrooms with a chicory root and toasted hazelnut broth

Cream of mushrooms and prawns from Medina del Campo with a poultry and celery broth

Mushrooms stewed in their own juice with a veil of sweet wine and duck liver shavings


Lacquered veal gizzard with a creamy pine nuts and green pineapple sauce under a veil of milk and herbs

Selected game with mushrooms


Regional Cheeses

Beetroot, verbena and acidulated foam from fermented beet juice

Roasted chickpeas, rosemary and black trumpet mushrooms


Homemade sweets and coffee


Menu + pairing 5 glasses of wine: 115 € per person *

* This experience must have a minimum of 2 diners and a maximum of 10.

(Reservations made on this website will be subject to the availability
of the establishment.  We inform our
customers that the dinner service at
La Botica Restaurant i
t will only take place on Friday and Saturday)






La Botica Restaurant´s Chef: Miguel Ángel de la Cruz

160,00 144,00 
Price per person (VAT incl.)
We reserve the right to change or cancel the offer of services as per availability or weather conditions.
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