Luis Cañas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2018

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Fidel Fernández Gómez

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Wine families history and destiny must be written by a wine that is born from their deepest tastes and not considering market impositions. As a rule, a Reserva combines a Crianza with the best oaks and the most mature and homogeneous grapes selection, with sufficient time in the bottle to harmonize the smoked wood features and the wine fruity expression. Luis Cañas Reserva Selection de Familia comes from old vineyards with an average age of 50 years, grown on clayey and clayey-calcareous soils, which are characterized by low fertility with low cluster production, 4500 kg per hectare, located at an altitude between 400 And 700 meters and located in Villabuena, Samaniego, Leza, Navaridas and Baños de Ebro.

This red wine is made with 85% Tempranillo, with clusters and grapes selection on the selection table, harvested in small boxes of only 11 kilograms, so that the clusters enter the wine cellar intact. The stems were separated from the grapes and the berries were placed into 10-hectoliter wooden tubs. Later the wine was moved into new barrels to perform malolactic fermentation, followed by ageing in French and American oak barrels for two years. The structure and excellent efforts working with fine lees allowed oak wood features to be hardly perceived, encouraging spices and black fruit complexity with elegant nuances of reduction in the bottle.

It is a very tasty wine, very typical of Rioja, spicy, but with a fresh and fruity profile.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour High layer and brilliant look; the colour is garnet in the centre and cherry around the edges.
  • Aromas Complex variety of aromas which combine to give us an intense, sophisticated wine. Initially we can find very ripe berry fruits, smoked victuals, raisins and liquor. After a certain amount of aeration, the cinnamon and jam notes surface and, with a little more time, the roasted and spiced aromas are noticed more clearly.
  • Palate Full, with a good presence of the tannins, although these are offset by the glycerine-like character, resulting in a fleshy feel. Long lasting and lingering.
  • Food pairing Roasts, lamb dishes, game and cured ham.