Lar de Paula Garnacha Ed. Limitada 2016

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Jose Antonio Meruelo

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Wine description

The red wine Lar de Paula Garnacha Limited Edition, elaborated with garnacha grape, with D.O. Rioja. Its vineyards have more than 80 years old and besides, the soils are limestone clay, in order to get an exellent wine with such variety of hues.

This wine is made in French & American oak barrels, a manual tracing is carried out for 15 days until the end of the alcoholic fermentation, then it goes to the French oak barrel, where the malolactic fermentation takes place. When it finishes, racks are carried out every 4 months for a year and the aging is completed, remaining in the bottle 12 months before its commercialization.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Vivid dark cherry red color.
  • Aromas Elegant, with floral touches and subtle aromas of red fruits. Complex and aromatic.
  • Palate Balance between its pleasant tannins and its acidity. It displays graceful, bright and smooth fruity flavors, which give rise to a long mineral aftertaste.
  • Food pairing This wine pairs well with red meat, chicken, pasta with sauces, seasonal soups and aged cheeses.