Nandu Jubany’s “Pur” experience

Simplicity and authenticity as a philosophy to achieve the essence of each flavor.

Pur restaurant (Barcelona)

Chef: Nandu Jubany


Product in its purest form. This is the culinary philosophy that chef Nandu Jubany, one of the most restless and imaginative chef-entrepreneurs in Catalonia, applies in all his restaurants. At the new PUR in Barcelona, ​​he takes special care of the great jewels of the Catalan store, such as red prawns, lobsters, crayfish and Mediterranean espardenyas, truffles from Osona or organic sobrasada. Luxury raw material in an innovative space


Our Menú

Pur experience

Scampi tartare with avocado

Artichoke salads with Payoyo cheese

Organic grilled Majorcan black pork sobrassada with honey comb

Fried egg with black truffle from Osona

Prawn the salt

Grilled foie on roasted onion with its juice

Grilled fish from the market or “selected” grilled rib of a cow

The selection of desserts to share chosen by Nandu Jubany

Agua mineral, pan, botella de vino/cava (selección de cava o vino Araexperience) y cafés

(Araexperience’s wine or sparkling wine & coffees are included)



Hotel Majestic (Barcelona)

Mas Albereda (the gastronomic hotel of Nandu Jubany in Sant Juliá de Vilatorta)


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*Photos are just an example of the menu, they may not fit into the available menu


Pur restaurant                                                              Chef Nandu Jubany

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