Gorka Izagirre Zura 2021

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José Ramón Calvo

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Eneko Atxa is the name of one of the owners of Azurmendi winery and restaurant, situated on the same land, as well as a highly reputed three Michelin stars chef.

By pure deduction, if young Eneko is able to get glory thanks to quality and genius in his cuisine, it would be rather strange if his wines were not on a par with his name.  Zura, is a white wine that comes from 15-year Appellation of Bizkaiko Txakolina vineyards.

It is made only of Hondarribi Zerratia grapes, a grape stock of very small clusters, which reaches an average of between 100 and 120 gr. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, in boxes of 15 kg. When the grape clean juice was obtained, it was poured into new French fine oak barrels created by Allary barrel-makers. The grape juice was fermented in the barrels at a low temperature of 12°C for 23 days. When the last barrel finished fermenting, the product was placed into a stainless steel tank for 12-month ageing with its fine lees. At the end of this period, the sediments were removed with decantation and it was stirred for 4 months in the same steel tanks, and 1-month ageing process was finished in French oak. Finally, the wine remained other six months in the bottle before going to the market.

This white wine has a beautiful bright straw colour, with flowers and dried herbs scent, with a smoky note, well-fused with its varietal and fruity expression. In the mouth it is fatty, tasty, rich in spicy and herbal complexity.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Golden yellow colour with green hues, clean and bright.
  • Aromas It has clean and intense aromas of ripe fruit and citrus. Aromas of toasted bread and pastry, typical of oak aging.
  • Palate Powerful and silky palate with a ripe and ample base, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits accompanied by smoky, toasted and buttery subtle notes; all wrapped in fresh acidity that promises a long life and fantastic evolution of the wine. Intense and tasty.
  • Food pairing It pairs well with fish, meat and cheese, but its body makes it a versatile choice to enjoy with a multitude of recipes.