Estuche Madera Amaren El Regollar 2017

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Fidel Fernández Gómez

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El Regollar is one of those vineyards touched by the magic wand of time and circumstances. Vineyards of more than 100 years old, with which any winemaker would dream. A quaternary terrace, with vines that emerge from the bedrock itself, surviving in an almost inexplicable way and giving us wonderful grapes with a unique personality.

The Regollar is a true treasure. It is a very complex wine with a large unusual aromatic palette due to the mixture of seven grape varieties, for example, violet caramel and stick liquorice.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Lovely, deep dark cherry-red colour.
  • Nose Ripe red fruit, with notes of strawberry jam, gives way to spices with a sweet character. We also find suggestive dairy memories and notes of fine woods, all in balance and perfectly integrated.
  • Palate Pure silk. Tidy, with calm wood, without fanfare. After the notes of cedar and tobacco, the red fruit appears again clearly, leaving a tasty aftertaste. Tannin and acidity in perfect harmony and just balance.
  • Food pairing This wine pairs well with roast lamb, red and white meats, and mature cheeses.