Eldoze 2014

29,95 26,96
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Joseba Altuna

Wine description

Eldoze is a red wine that stands out for its intense ruby ​​color and full of life, with complex aromas of red fruits of the Syrah grape, with subtle hints of oak and a pleasant and smooth palate with abundant tannins.

The most significant thing is the terroir, marked by one of the oldest soils in Europe, whose origin dates back more than 2.5 million years. The Red Xisto is a form of sedimentation composed of disaggregated edges of quartzites and slate, very rich in minerals.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour At first glance it is distinguished by its intense, brilliant and crystalline ruby​-red colour.
  • Aromas Its complex aromas of red fruit are in harmony with the nuances provided by ageing in barrels. Its mineral character and great concentration truly stand out.
  • Palate it is fresh, with hints of ripe cherries, with a tart acidity, balanced, elegant, and with an incredibly smooth palate overall.
  • Food pairing Red meats, stews, game and cured cheeses.