Cata de vinos

The wine language in your lips

Let’s start by knowing better and enjoying the grapes varietals and denomination of origins (DO’s) from Spain; handling the posibility to diferenciate the wide range of hues of each type of grape and their main differences. The wine tasting is composed by three white wines and three red wines, from different DO’s, with certain charachteristics and tones that will let you recognise them and therefore you’ll be able to know better your preferences.

The wine tasting will be guided by a sommelier, and it will be organized at Wellington’s Hotel (Velazquez st/ 8, Madrid), will be from 19 to 21.30 h. In addition, the event will be accompanied by cheeses and ’embutidos’ from the different spanish wines’ regions.

Price per person (VAT incl.)
We reserve the right to change the offer of services as per availability or weather conditions.


200 Iberia Wine Club
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