6 Unit Box Villa Conchi Brut Rosé

Refreshingly and elegant

  • Year .
  • Appellation

    D.O. Cava

  • Grape variety


  • Time in Bottle

    Minimum 12 months

59,50 53,55


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Wine description

Both Cavas and rosé champagnes are in fashion. Red fruits memories subtlety combined with ageing yeasts, endows Cava with the personality that is not generally found in the typical rosé wines. Villa Conchi Brut Rosé is a clear example.

Made with 100% Trepat grape. The harvest was done at night to avoid high temperatures and premature fermentations. The grapes were transported quickly to the wine cellar and refrigerated at 15°C. The grape juice was obtained by light pressing. Once the grape juice was filtered, yeast was added to the base wine to begin fermentation process at a constant temperature of 16°C, preserving its primary aromas. For the second fermentation, in this case in the bottles, they were stored in underground wine cellars at a constant temperature of 15°-17°C in contact with their fine lees in order to transmit the yeasts fine reduction during a 12-months fermentation period. Ageing in the bottle.

A sparkling wine with salmon tonality, with clear red fruits aromas, light touches of bread yeast and faded petals. In the mouth it is harmonious, the bubble is persistent and with an almond and red fruit aftertaste.

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