Blas Muñoz Chardonnay 2020

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Wine description

Blas Muñoz Chardonnay is the jewel of the house. There is no better white Chardonnay all over La Mancha. Accepted in the Protected Geographical Indication Denomination of Castile Land, it comes from the oldest vineyards of this variety that are grown in the area. It is a vineyard, created in 1998, coinciding with the period of the Muñoz family third generation incorporation.
The Chardonnay is grown in the vineyards owned by the winery, on the estate Los Villarinos, at 742 meters of altitude on Ocaña plain. The clone type is adequate to withstand summer heat, since, depending on it, it is a vine stock that adapts to all weather conditions.

Having entered the winery, the clusters were introduced into the destemmer-crusher in order to remove the stems and slightly break the berries. The grape juice was macerated with the skins in order to obtain a greater extraction of the aromas, fermented in new oak barrels.
In addition to the extraction of the aromas and tannins from the wood, the wine was enriched with an ageing process on the yeasts lees, which were periodically suspended with the batonnage technique, obtaining a wine with complexity and much more volume in the mouth. Later on it was aged in a new barrel for 6 months. It has a straw bright colour, with a ripe white fruit aroma, memories of dried herbs and the sweet spices of creamy oak. The taste in the mouth is fatty, fruity, spicy and long in flavour.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Attractive pale yellow colour with a golden edge. Clean and bright.
  • Nose Pleasant aroma of toasted wood, vanilla and butter. Lightly smoked notes and floral hints.
  • Palate On the palate it is warm and oily, ample and toasted, with long expressive finish.
  • Food pairing Goes perfectly with virtually any type of seafood or shellfish. Also pairs well with roasted meats.