Altún Villacardiel 2020

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Alberto & Iker Martínez Pangua

Wine description

Villacardiel is located in a protected archaeological zone, where the remains of a medieval necropolis were discovered. In addition to the numerous dolmens and cave wine presses carved into the rock, which date from the 12th-15th centuries and reflect the long winemaking tradition of the area.

All this history is reflected in the final product: Altún Villacardiel. Wine from a plot in Laguardia at an altitude of 630m, in which it is vatted by gravity, using native levators, and undergoing spontaneous malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels for 8 months, and another 6 months in concrete vats.

Its Atlantic character and its aromas of black fruits and fresh and vibrant flavors will transport you to other worlds.

Notas de cata y Maridaje

  • Colour Cherry color, clean and bright.
  • Aromas Expressive, fundamentally red fruit with subtle black fruit, floral hints.
  • Palate Fine entry, with polished tannins, fatty and unctuous. In the aftertaste it shows its freshest and most vibrant character, characteristic of the plot.
  • Food pairing This wine pairs well with game meats, stews, cured and semi-cured cheeses and pasta.